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A rather steamy turn...

Even though Apryl Knight has played Renaissance and Medieval music for many years, she confesses a love for all things Steampunk. Therefore, she occasionally slips on her secret disguise and her alter-ego and becomes Apryl Knight - Steampunk Bard of Mystery! In addition to her regular hurdy gurdy, bowed psaltery, flute, whistle, and bodhran, she's added the wondrous Pianonomicon. She's constantly indulging her mad scientist side to see what strange instruments she can come up with next!

What is steampunk, you ask? Here's one answer, and here's another.

San Antonio, TX // 3.8.12 // Alamo Drafthouse
I performed with Cedric the Fiddler at this event by the San Antonio Neo-Victorian Association.

Tulsa, OK // Fri 4.27.12 // Gypsy Coffee House
I made my Tulsa debut at this wonderful downtown coffee shop.

Tulsa, OK // Fri 5.4.12 // Gypsy Coffee House

Tulsa, OK // Fri 5.25.12 // Gypsy Coffee House